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Item of October: Bag "Whatever II"

Item Of The Month in October 2011 is the bag Whatever II.
The renewed classic is available in an outside all-leather. It now features adjustable straps, a second outside pocket and can be folded to both sides (back and front). This version comes in finest calf skin leather and various cottons for the inward side and lining.

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Item of April: Festival bag “Whatever”

Item of the month in April 2011 is the festival bag Whatever
The cross-body bag is made on one side from kid leather and on the other from cotton. The bag’s straps can be adjusted to the desired length using simple knots. The bag’s flap may be worn on the front or on the back, and can be fastened with a latch.
The festival bag Whatever joins the typical Laissez-Faire character of the preceding Items of the Month from Schaaf.

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