Komatös – Doch Auf Den Beinen – Video

Oh and last but not least: We have a new video online!  Tadaaaaaa Tadaaaaa!

A big Thank You! to…

Tobias Knipf and Thorsten Harms created this amazing little film starring Avianna McKee and Mathias Hartmann. Thanks to Natalie Rexygel for Hair and Makeup and Thomas Süßmaier for the sound editing. You guys rock!

This video is a declaration of love to Tocotronic and it rounds up a very nice little story:

six years ago, while Miriam was still at fashion school, she decided to dedicate her graduation project to the topic of failure. Tocotronic’s album “Kapitulation”, which was released at that time, figured as the leitmotif for this project. Miriam chose the final song of this album, “Kein Wille triumphiert”, as name sake and won several awards for her collection. She graduated and worked as a fashion designer and the years went by…When one fine day she was interviewed by the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” and was also questioned about her graduation project. Serendipitously, Dirk von Lowtzow, Tocotronic’s frontman, read this interview and didn’t hesitate to write us an email, suggesting a cooperation – How cool is that? We. Are. CHUFFED!



Directed and Edited by: Tobias Knipf Concept: Tobias Knipf, Thorsten Harms Camera: Thorsten Harms Assistant: Maxim Mokil Producer: Aleks Abramovic, Videotape Studio/Lights: TMT Toni Müller Camera technology: Stefan Niederfeilner, Videotape
Models: Avianna McKee, Mathias Hartmann Dance-Performance: Avianna McKee Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Markus Seer Hair/Makeup: Natalie Rexygel Making-Of pictures: Markus Seer
Music: Tocotronic Song: Aus meiner Festung Album: Kapitulation Label: Universal Sound-Editing: Thomas Süßmaier
Special Thanks: Wolf Jaiser, Videotape & Tocotronic