Item of March: Wrist guards “Beware”

Item of the Month in March 2011: the wrist guard Beware. This wrist guard is consisting of polyurethane coated sweatshirt fabric, the loops are sewn together.

Wrist guards have already been in use in the Bronze Age. Equipped with a stone splint, it protected the wrists of the archers against the bow string.

The wrist guard Beware by Schaaf will protect its wearer as well – against intimidating looks. Beware makes the wearer look tough and seductive at the same time. Beware nestles itself around the wrist; it is flexible and will become, by day as well as by night, your constant companion. It absorbs undesired, slight dampness of the hands. Beware does not interfere with working on a computer / keyboard, and can also, if you grip it, protect someone else’s hand (leading us back to bow and arrow).