Item of January: T-shirt "I REALLY DON’T KNOW"

In January 2011 “ITEM OF THE MONTH” is the motto T-Shirt with the message “I REALLY DON’T KNOW”. Screen printed on cotton.
The motive is not a contribution to the new German culture of protest. “I REALLY DON’T KNOW” stands for an attitude of a whole generation. It stands for disorientation in a world of sensory overload and for the question if one’s dreams can ever come true.
This is an uncertainty not marked by desperation, but by confident perplexity.

in the studio…
The slogan has another meaning to the designer Miriam Schaaf:
“I stuck this phrase on the window of my studio in summer 2010, because of too many people asking me what this whole thing is supposed to be.” Not satisfied at all with this answer many would-be buyers became real customers and even fans.

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