Item of March: Short coat "Clarence Anglin"

This March Item Of The Month is short coat Clarence Anglin.
The back seam of this asymmetric short coat made from black popeline is staggered. It has two built in side pockets as well as an astounding zipper detail: Underneath one of the two front zippers is another pocket – the second one can be used to modify Clarence’s overall look.

Clarence Anglin is the third item of the first cycle of the Item Of The Month series in 2012 which will be a wearable addition to the character Escapee (who we introduced to you for the Don’t Tell The World That We Know 2012 collection). Each series consists of six individual collection pieces which are available in our very own online store.

On Clarence Anglin: Alongside his brother and fellow bank robber John and Frank Morris, Clarence escaped Alcatraz in the famous June 1962 escape. All three of them were declared dead by drowning in the San Francisco bay, although none of their bodies were found. Rumors have it that the might still be alive, making their escape last for about 50 years by now.

Photography: Yves Krier
Model: Eva Link