I REALLY DON’T KNOW is SCHAAF’s unisex-streetstyle collection.

Originally, Miriam Schaaf adorned her shop-front with this message, written with tape, to express her generation’s feeling of volatility, it is the answer to this generation’s search of meaning, happiness and goals. I REALLY DON’T KNOW uses its own insecurity as a nutrient of undaunted energy. It epitomises the defiances and the boldness it takes to free oneself of the demands of a meritocracy, it is the armour of the progressive hero of the everyday.
The shop-front’s message polarised – and the idea, to print it on t-shirts was born.
At the moment, Schaaf also offers caps and totes with the signature IRDK lettering.

Photos: Tobias Knipf & Stefan Wiesner
Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Markus Seer
Models: Yulia Kamiya, Nikolas Aleks, Elina Avlastimidi, Andrea Szemes, Julia Fuchs, Edina Stelli, Thomas H, Basti Büttner, Gina Weber, The Dog, Florian Weichsberger, Maximilian Rauh

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