Questioning long-established values is the foundation of the new Schaaf collection Guided By Voices.

How inherent is a certain perception of aesthetic anchored to a person’s self and to which extent are new concepts allowed in?
Of course, Guided by Voices is also one of the pivotal bands of the 90s, which together created the so called Lo Fi. (Low Fidelity or Lo-Fi is music, which has been recorded with very basic recording equipment, or at least sounds as if.)

Miriam Schaaf:
»Low Fi is a very important keyword in our new collection Guided By Voices’ manifesto. And, as the title suggests, it was solely my own inner voices, which said Yes or No to each item, which determined the alignment and which affirmed me in my decisions, without me having a definite, preconceived idea of how everything had to look. The only guiding principle was that I had to like it and that I wanted to wear each item myself.«

In the new collection, subtle sportswear meets elegant silks, which still retain their slightly old-fashioned connotation and their direct reference to white-tie fashion. Known shapes receive a new appearance through various layering techniques, and question their original purpose.

Guided By Voices’ colours are black, light grey, grey, silver and dusky pink.
The fabrics are silk, cotton, viscose, polyurethane-coated jersey and mesh and the pieces are trousers, skirts, tops, shirts, dresses, one body, one jacket and one coat.

Guided by Voices
is for women – and everyone who wants to be(come) one.

Photography / Art Direction: Maret Loopalu
Hair & Makeup: Christina Nemetz, Candy Graff
Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Markus Seer
Model: Kristine Potapova

Florian Weichsberger

Graphic / Visual Concept
Musclebeaver, Maret Loopalu

Tobias F. Müller