For the SS/AW Collection 2012 SCHAAF has created five protagonists for a fictitious apocalyptical film: the Soldier, the Escapee, the Dandy, the Saint, and the Mutant. These five figures live in a menacing environment, but their clothing provides them with the possibilities of defending and protecting themselves. Each character has a double persona: it can be either authentic and vulnerable, or dangerous and malicious. In this way, ten outfits in both light and dark shades have been developed. The materials used are cotton, leather, jersey, silk, and nylon. The individual pieces of this collection stand independently, but share cohesive traits, i.e. secret compartments and pockets, their ability to be folded and buttoned to transmogrify into bags.
Similarly to the recent SCHAAF collection, SS/AW 2012 is inspired by functionality. It consists of light tank-tops, skinny trousers, sports jackets, and coats.
The collection is placed in the medium to premium price segment.
Designer Miriam Schaaf has been supported conceptually by her team and Tobias Heumann (Le Château En Couleur).

The Soldier
The outfit of the Soldier imparts martial strength and sovereignty. His coat can be worn in three different variations: as a complete ensemble, without sleeves, or as a bolero, which is fastened via a nylon add-on. The lining of the coat conceals three pockets. Compared to SCHAAF’s earlier cuts, these trousers come with a shortened waistband and less room, yet they still have a casual and confident fit. The Soldier’s light tank-tops represent his insecurity and sensitivity.

The Escapee
The Escapee’s skirt is made of every material used in the whole collection; it thus embodies the characteristics of the four other protagonists. Every skirt manufactured will be unique. The Escapee teams it with a tight-fitted leather waistcoat, gathered in the front with a strap. The dress of this character comes with a tapered train. The upper part of the dress‘s back consists of leather quilting, concealing a secret pocket. Escapee augurs strength and the aggressive play with danger.

The Dandy
The Dandy wears a tightly fitted sports jacket that comes with a rucksack embedded into the back. This bag can be unzipped from the jacket and be used by itself. The Dandy choses between a black and a white cummerbund, and combines it with a tightly fitted, quilted waistcoat, also in either white or black. His light-grey shirt shoulder section is reinforced by padded jersey quilting. The trousers consist of mercerized cotton and embody the eccentric style of this cynical yet destructive character. This ensemble can be fastened with a belt.

The Mutant
This character is one step ahead of evolution and suffers from an incessant inner conflict between his cognitive and moral superiority and a depressive autism. The Mutant is able to disintegrate his outfit: his waistcoat can be buttoned via straps to form a handy backpack. The waistcoat is combined with tightly fitted shorts and a black tank-top made from pleather. The light-grey shirt of this character carries as a lettering the name of the collection:
Don‘t Tell The World That We Know.

The Saint
The Saint wears a light, nude-colored tank-top with an almost imperceptible and invisible fabric bag in the back. For the lady’s version of this item, SCHAAF has added an opaque bra made from pleather. The Saint stands for the good, yet he is aware of the threat the apocalyptical situation poses to his values. The color black can enable the Saint to disappear into the night’s protection. He then wears a loose fitted big-shirt made from heavy cloth with wrought cotton inserts.

Photos / Art Direction: Alescha Birkenholz
Hair & Makeup: Nadja Kaiser
Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Markus Seer, Florian Weichsberger
Models: Anne Mühlmeier, Tobias Klanner, Markus Seer, Jack, Candy Graff
Graphic / Design: Musclebeaver & Moritz Welker
Special Thanks: Tobias Heumann, Jessica Dettinger

Director / Camera: Tobias Knipf

Art-Direction: Tobias Knipf, Alescha Birkenholz

Hair & Make-up: Nadja Kaiser
Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Florian Weichsberger, Markus Seer
Production: Musclebeaver

The Soldier
Cast: Markus Seer
Sound Design: TK

The Escapee
Cast: Anne Mühlmeier
Sound Design: LeTryp
Music: Suicide – Ghost Rider

The Dandy
Cast: Jack
Music: Alec Empire – On Fire
The Crystals – He’s Sure the Boy I Love

The Mutant

Cast: Tobias Klanner
Sound design & Music: LeTryp

The Saint

Cast: Candy Graff
Sound Design & Music: LeTryp